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Rooster Stick Pin
Rooster Stick Pin
Our Price: $2.00

The symbol of the rooster is used by many people to symbolize a Bright New Morning, a Beginning, an Awakening, a New Day in God, among many other things. Use it as you wish. It is an excellent conversation piece, both subtle and unique. ** HALF-OFF the original price of $5.50 each while supplies last! ** more info
Gold-Tone "Hostage Cross"
Gold-Tone "Hostage Cross"
Our Price: $3.50

The "Hostage Cross" is called such because it was the one seen worn by Kathryn "Kate" Koob during Easter services at the American Embassy in Iran.  Kate was one of two women hostages being held there during the Crisis of 1979.

This cross, a symbol of faith and devotion, was a gift from the congregation of Messiah Lutheran Church in Alexandria, Virginia, where Kate and her sister at one time attended services.

Sent to Kate at the beginning of the Lenton Season, it was not known if she had received the cross until film clips broadcast on national television confirm that she was indeed wearing it.  At that point the State Department also knew that mail was being received by the hostages.

Kate's congregation wanted to witness the faith and support to her and all the hostages, but Kate became a greater witness by openly wearing the cross and showing her faith was still strong.

Originally called the Trumpet Cross, it was designed to symbolize the Easter Story, and intended as a Lenton symbol of devotion to be used by church groups.  Kate's showing it to the world in 1979 leads us to offer it to the world that all may share with her the powerful message of Christian Faith.

On one side of the cross, the four points represent the "nails" used in the Crucifixion of Christ.  The symbol at the center is a representation of the round tombstone used in Biblical times.

On the reverse side, the "nails" become trumpets heralding the Joy of His Vistory.  They announce - as emblazoned on the trumpets - that God's Love gives us Peace and that all should walk in that Faith and Hope!

The cross is a universal reminder that Christ died for all people, for hostages and captors, for families and for nations.  We do not need a divided world, but the Promised one in which all live in harmony.

The Hostage, or Trumpet, Cross is not as materially strong as our other offerings, although in these times it remains as strong spiritually as ever. To learn more about Kate Koob's hostage experience and see a picture of her wearing the cross, see here: https://diplomacy.state.gov/exhibits/explore-online-exhibits/herdiplomacy/kate-koob/  ** Due to diminished demand for the gold-tone version of this cross, we are discontinuing it and offering it to our customers for HALF-OFF the original retail price of $7.00 while supplies last! **
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