BEVERLY APPLEBY began designing religious symbols over 50 years ago. Her early works were designs developed for Lenten devotions at her church, which quickly developed into a tradition. Over the years she spoke at conventions nationwide, discussing symbols and the many ideas and interpretations that come from them.

Beverly received great joy from designing symbols. Through her faith and artistic design, she found a communicative spear to penetrate many barriers and reached the hearts and hands of people all over the world. In doing so she founded Symbols, Inc., which to this day remains a family-run business whose goals and ideals are the same as Beverly's: to enrich the community and share in the faith of a kinder world for ourselves and our heirs. Her symbols encompass many themes with the ultimate goal of fostering interactions and understanding. We hope you will find something that speaks to you. If not, consider contacting us to have your own design created. Click on the Design Your Own Cross link above for more information.


These and many other specially-designed symbols can be used to help "tell the story" of God's Love and the Gifts of Grace given to all His people.

Originally designed as Lenten symbols and "home expressions," they have become "door openers," allowing individuals and groups the opportunity to "tell the story."

Wearing and sharing is just one way His message is spread:

· Wearing gives one an opportunity to explain the symbol's message in response to a comment or inquiry.

· Sharing is an act of love giving others the opportunity to pass the message on.

Although the symbols are made into necklaces, lapel pins, tie tacks, and other forms they are not just decorative jewelry, but are rather "statements of faith."
Symbols has a long tradition of setting prices to cover operational expenses, prefering to donate excess proceeds back to the communities which have allowed us to be in business in the first place. Over the past several decades, Symbols has given tens of thousands of dollars to needy church groups, devotional organizations, missionary programs, and worthy causes across the globe. If you know of an especially worthy cause please drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know about it.